Inspired TOONZ Collection only for the Cardano blockchain!
Exciting roadmap, no empty promises, P2E releasing before mint! Much more to come!


No empty promises! We have an exciting roadmap for you all. It revolves around Merch, P2E, Airdrops and Token!

Phase 1 Community Building

- Setup Discord

- Launch Interactive Website

- Community Engagement: Games and Activities

- Release Merchandise Sneak Peeks

- Finalize Collection with the most # of unique traits possible

Phase 2 Mint

- Integrate Wallets in Discord and Segregate WL/OG Holders

- Establish a buy-back fund/wallet where all royalties will go

- Maintain the Floor by buying back all below mint toonz and having them for giveaways

- Release the Rarity Chart

Phase 3 Rewards and Project Building

- Increasing the team strength = more hiring in tech development

- Top Holders after the first month to get exclusive merchandise shipped to them (Amazon Merch integration)

- Airdrop Artwork to start (Holding Female and Male Toonz will be beneficial)

- Start work on the first mini Play 2 Earn Game on Cardano

- Brand Building and Collaborations with other projects

- All Royalty Rewards will either be distributed back to the community or will be used to buy below mint-price Toonz.

Phase 4 Utilities

- Monthly merchandise to random & top holders

- Release Tokenomics for the upcoming Token ($Loonie/$Toonie)

- Token Launch which will be used as an entry for the mini game

- Dedicated Merchandise Marketplace with token integration

- Pre-Marketing Hype for the play 2 earn game.

- Launch of the first web based play 2 earn game.

- Airdrop to Top Holders and Top Ranked Holders.

- Free access to events in Dubai for Random Holders.

Phase 5 Metaverse Integration and Future

- Design 3D Human Body Toons with Animations

- Buy Land/Integrate with established metaverses at that time

- Evolve and assess project direction and results


What is the supply?

3333 Toonz!

When is the mint?

Saturday, 2nd July, 7 PM GMT

What is the price for public?

The price is 87 ADA for public

How do I mint?

The mint button will be active at exactly 7PM GMT, Saturday, 2 July. There is no other way to mint except this website.

How many traits are there?

A LOT! There are 2 different characters, 30 clothes, 12 different eyes, 30+ headwear, expressions, eyewear, backgrounds and a lot of accessories!

What is the pre-release utility?

We're starting off with a highly addictive P2E game! We are launching it before mint to show the quality of the team

Are there any 1/1 NFTs?

Yes, there are around 10 1/1 NFTs

Are you associated with any other project?

No! We are inspired from a project on a different chain and have a similar 3D base model... But all the traits and attributes are completely unique. We have a totally different roadmap and many utilities coming up for holders!

How will I be able to see rarity?

Rarity chart will be available on CNFTJungle and CNFTTools

What is the policy id?


It's in good hands!